What is your Special Egg?

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3 min readDec 18, 2021

Have you ever received an inspired gift? One that you know came straight from the Universe?

I did. Just this past weekend.

It was an egg!

Yep — you read that right. An egg.

But not just any egg. It was a very special egg.

Let me back up a wee bit…

I am currently taking a facilitation course called “Playing Big” — based on the work of the book by the same name, that was the catalyst for me becoming a coach. I love the work of Tara Mohr so much that I want to be able to bring her work to the masses. It’s specifically for women who want to play bigger in their lives and want to speak up, create and lead. And it was because of this book that I garnered the courage to do exactly that.

Anyway — back to the egg.

Over the past few months, I have become intimately acquainted with three very special people — my inner critic, my inner mentor and my possibility maven. Now at the risk of sounding woo, these were all “met” through guided meditations, journaling and a powerful hypnotherapy session, but they have given me a “posse” of resources to draw from whenever I am met with a decision.

In one of these guided meditations, my inner mentor gave me a gift. It was a beautiful polished wooden ball, about the size of a softball, and it came with the message that I am holding the world in my hands.

In another of these sessions, my possibility maven showed me that my Flying V Mastermind is like my own special egg that I have been protecting and holding close to me for long enough. It was time to let it hatch. This concept also became the platform for what I wanted the V to stand on — a sacred space for women to hatch their own special eggs. Together, as a sisterhood.

Fast forward to this past weekend. I went up to my Mom’s to help her decorate her home for Christmas. It’s a tradition between the two of us to decorate together the first weekend of December. This year, Mom decided to give me my present early.

It’s an egg. Half sparkly turquoise resin, half burl wood. About the size of a softball. And absolutely perfect.

Mom had no idea about the back story of my mentor and my maven. She doesn’t even know about my Flying V. But for some reason this egg spoke to her when she saw it, and she gave me, literally, the perfect gift.

As you’re reflecting on 2021 and heading into the New Year, I want you to consider something. What is YOUR special egg? What is YOUR purpose project that you have been incubating, protecting, keeping safe? Maybe — just maybe — this is your call to let it hatch.

If you want to learn more about the Flying V, check it out HERE.

Also — check out the artist of my special egg!

Isn’t it beautiful?

Have a fantastic weekend my friend!

Teri Kerr

Executive Coach and Empowerment Strategist

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