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The Unstuck Duck
2 min readDec 18, 2021

A new saying that seems to have found it’s way to my lips lately is “at the risk of sounding like a west coast hippie…”

I’m not sure when it started, or why I feel I need to apologize, but lately I’ve chosen to lean a little closer to the intuitive, ease and flow side of me.

I recently was asked a POWERFUL coaching question that gave me pause. (Sidebar — as a coach I geek out over awesome coaching questions)

We were discussing callings, and the question was “What is the 1000 year old form of this calling?

So first — a definition. As per Tara Mohr, a calling is “the inner assignment an individual receives to bring light and love into the world in a particular way.” It’s not always a vocation, it’s not always forever, and we often get many in our lifetime.

When I think of my callings, I have a few going right now! I’m called to be more consistent in my business. I’m called to be less about hustle and more about flow. But the one that’s the loudest right now is the call (a siren, really) to empower women to step into their own — whether it’s to write that book, start that passion project, reach those masses, take that leap — through the power of collaborative energy.

So when I think of what that would have looked like 1000 years ago, I believe it would have been bringing women together — to tell their stories, to lean on the sisterhood, to dream, to create, to heal, to grow.

In many cultures, women were the sages, the healers, and often the warriors. They were the mothers, the wives, the matriarchs, the nuns. My calling would have been to light the campfire, hold the space, and pass the torch — empowering and encouraging women to rise through the power of community.

This west coast, flannel wearing, 9–2 working hippie feels that deeply in my soul. I likely would have been burned at the stake for being an instigator. 🔥🔥🔥

Do you have a calling? Can you define it? What is the 1000 year old form? I’d love to hear about it — so feel free to reach out!



PS If you are feeling stuck, and want to know more about callings and how to discern yours, let’s hop on a call! I’m here to help!

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